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With ICON you get exceptional sharp images for inspection, fault analysis and more.
ICON is flexible in X Y Z and is suitable for most inspection needs.
Image capture and documentation is extremely easy either direct to USB memory stick or direct to PC . One click on the remote and your picture is grabbed to the USB stick. ICON provide ability to measure parts efficiently and quick using point to point or overlay.
Visus technology have always aimed for to have the most easy to use products on the market. ICON provides more functions and flexibility than our Cmore model but still very easy to use
No buttons on camera house is important for all of us how have worked with a inspection tool…you do not want to have any interference with what happened on the screen. That’s why we use our remote as standard.
Easy to follow menu and simple operation is perfect for operators in high speed production environments.
Images can esaily be captured at ICON by using a USB stick. Just press one button on the remote. As alternatives pictures can be saved to a computer via USB outlet or true Ethernet on your companies network.
In process visual inspection, final quality control inspection, documentation of quality, standardization of quality process.
Side by side image comparison
Overlay Image comparator.
Document to network – save time by connection your ICON to your network. Store images on specific place.
Optical magnification to 30x with standard lens and fast autofocus ensures excellent images.
Optics and Illumination