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DDSE-2QC  2 Tools DDE Station With Electric Pump
DDSE station is a complete solution with T245 General Purpose Handle and DR560 Desoldering Iron.
The DDE Control Unit manages up to 2 tools simultaneously and is fully compatible with 10 differentJBC tools. Check below the complete list of compatible tools.
The MSE Electric Desoldering Module generates the vacuum needed to remove the molten solder from plated through holes and surface mount pads with the DR560.
It provides the best soldering quality thanks to JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and additionally Sleep & Hibernation modes help to extend life of tips.
It features all the Excellence range benefits such as station customization, full control of soldering processes and remote work management.
With the practical Cartridge Holder SCH-A the different cartridges are always stored nearby.

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