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Cmore Full HD

Visus technology from Sweden has turned its eye to this burgeoning field in the form of the Cmore Full HD. The Cmore is a simple stand alone inspection system that allows the user to view on a monitor a precise live picture at 30x zoom of what is currently under the camera, without any distortion, delay or interference. The product comes with built-in LED lighting, auto and manual focus, measurement and drawing software as well as frame grabbing software.

The Cmore features an auto focus HD camera with optical magnification of up to 30x and digital up to 300x. Produces stunning high quality HD images without any distortion or delay with excellent depth of field. Featuring both USB and HDMI outputs, the Cmore is the most versatile digital microscope system in it’s class. View sharp images on your HD monitor, or use the USB output to connect a PC to utilize Cmore´s imaging and measurement software. Built-in LED lighting provides even, shadow-free illumination. Featuring a working distance of 28 cm, the Cmore is capable of inspecting objects large and small. Capture images, record videos, annotate, perform measurements, and share your documents with your team. These files can be viewed, replayed and analyzed. The Cmore remote control features clearly labeled buttons for easy access to the system functions. ZOOM in and out, turn AUTOFOCUS on/off, adjust BRIGHTNESS, turn GRID MODE on, and more. Made in Sweden, The Cmore are made only from high quality materials and surface treatments for a long lasting product which requires no maintainance.