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Established a partnership with the CLC of the USA

Column:Company News Time:2019-04-14

Makes has been focusing on the introduction of new technologies and product development in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Recently, Makes and CLC of the United States established  partnership .This signifies that the advanced laser technology and products of CLC will enter the Chinese market .

Since this, Makes will provide products that developed and manufactured by CLC for Chinese users. Include the FALIT series laser device unpackers, NoNic series h andheld and desktop laser wire strippers, etc.

About CLC

The CLC company was founded in 1965, has been consistently committed to the development and manufacture of laser products for more than 50 years, and has created numerous product honors and patented technologies. The CLC ’s product line includes laser unsealing, glue removal, wire stripping, engraving,Welding, cutting, rust removal and other applications.